Job Swaps for Vision 21 staff

25 Apr Job Swaps for Vision 21 staff

Just recently Sue Wales from ICT took part in Vision 21’s ‘Job Swap’, which all Vision 21 staff have been encouraged to do for a day, to get a feel for how other projects work. Sue left the comfort of the ICT training office and headed for a very large, busy allotment in Newport.

Luckily, for Sue, the sun was shining and the Roots team made her so welcome the day flew by. Knowing nothing about gardening,  they did manage to find Sue some work to do – she planted all manner of vegetable seeds and ‘potted on’ what she thought was hundreds of small cabbage plants.

Sue has promised to return – as long as the work doesn’t involve cabbage plants!

Sue says a big ‘thank you’ to Roots for the great experience.