Creative Choices Sherman Sharing

26 Aug Creative Choices Sherman Sharing

Young people who attended the Vision 21 Creative Choices summer holiday workshops gave a performance at the Sherman Theatre on Thursday 20th August. The story, called ‘From another World’ and was inspired by the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, which will be playing in the Sherman later in the year.

The performance, which was all choreographed by the students, featured their own hand made puppets, as well as acting, movement and digital sound. During the workshops, students had the opportunity to explore digital technology to create their own interactive soundscapes using simple ‘raspberry pie’ circuit boards linked up to drink cans to accompany their story. They were then able to produce the sound themselves during the performance.

The group also put up an exhibition to showcase some of the wonderful work they had produced during the summer workshops, which were led by changing professional artists, 5 days a week over the holiday period.

The creative workshops, funded by ‘Children in Need’, and led by Vision 21, in partnership with Sherman Theatre and Printhaus, included a wide range of creative activities including, printing, including print, felt and stitch, photography, collage, clay work, batik, flag making, printed books, nail art etc.

A well as having a creative focus over the summer, the young people also had the opportunity to make new friends, try new creative techniques and have fun at the same time.

The event was very well attended by friends, parents, supporters and funders, who were all hugely impressed by their fabulous achievements.

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