Credit based learning

Credit Based Learning

Trainees with Vision 21 are encouraged to work towards Agored Cymru credit based learning certificates in their relevant area of focus.

QCF (Quality Credit Framework)

Vision 21 prides itself on working with the QCF which seeks to help trainees achieve skills and qualifications that meet industry needs, and enables work-based training to be nationally recognised.

The QCF allows and recognises smaller steps of learning than typically have existed in qualifications, and enables trainees to build up qualifications ‘bit by bit’.

There are no exams and trainees are assessed ongoing throughout their training. Learners are also encouraged to build personal portfolios, where relevant, to evidence their learning and achievements.

Evidence is gathered in different forms:

  • Direct observation
  • Discussion
  • Worksheets
  • Written or circled questions/answers
  • Creating posters to evidence learning
  • Photo or video evidence
  • Role Play


Example: Some trainees get very nervous if they know that they are being tested. They may be more relaxed and less nervous if they are being observed in their normal place of work.

Role Play

Example: The trainee may not get the opportunity to demonstrate the evidence looked for on the day such as answering the telephone, as it may not ring. Sometimes role play is used as a way to gather such evidence.


Example: Writing a worksheet – Thought is given to the ability of the Trainee. Trainees will feel less rushed if they are given plenty of time to complete a worksheet.

If they have difficulty writing, worksheets can be made more accessible by asking the learner to circle words or pictures instead of writing down answers. Photo or video evidence may also be used.

Catering trainees are also taken through basic food hygiene awareness and encouraged to take the basic food hygiene certificate when ready to do so. 

Essential skills

Essential skills are embedded throughout the Vision 21 training programmes. Students can progress at their own pace in the context of a real work setting which brings the learning alive and gives it relevance. Learners can work towards credits when they are ready.

Soft Skills Development

See our Soft Skills page for more information.