They’ve done it again – The Oaks Garden Nursery

23 Oct They’ve done it again – The Oaks Garden Nursery

They’ve done it again!

The Friends of Roath Park and Vision 21 are working to replace some of the rare and unusual trees and shrubs which have gradually succumbed through old age in recent years.

Vision 21 work closely with staff at Roath Park and the Friends of Roath Park and as part of this initiative staff from The Oaks Garden Nursery have successfully propagated and grown on a Daphniphyllum himalaense f.macropodium. This is a handsome evergreen shrub which originates from Japan, Korea and China. It has Rhododendron like foliage in whorls at the end of shoots.  The glossy dark green leaves tend to drop in winter to reveal bright red leave stalks and in spring the young foliage is pale green, flushed pink. Unfortunately, the original plant which may well have been planted at the time Roath Park was opened over 100 years ago was dying and so everyone involved is delighted to have helped to replace this beautiful and very rare plant.

The replacement plant which is now in excess of 2 metres in height has been planted in Roath Park close to the original position much to the delight of those who have nurtured and admired it.

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