Have a play, hover over the boxes below to find out more ways that you can fundraise for Vision 21.

  • Donations


    Donating is simple, you can do it online, a one off or a direct debit.

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  • Collection Tins

    Collection Tins

    Could you have a collection tin at your place of work?

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  • Shop and donate

    Shop and donate

    Ways you can donate to Vision 21 while you shop

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  • Fundraise for Us!

    Fundraise for Us!

    Ideas and tips for Fundraising for Vision 21

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  • Top Fundraisers

    Top Fundraisers

    Meet the people and organisations that help us.

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  • Where it goes

    Where it goes

    Read how your donations have already helped

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If those hover boxes, are too pesky! You can simply follow these six links: