Top Fundraisers

Vision 21 would like to acknowledge and thank all the people below for their brilliant fundraising efforts to support our work. They have all made a real difference.


<p><center>TAM Sponsored Walk</center>

TAM Sponsored Walk

In July 2015, Vision 21 Students, took part in the Sponsored Walk around Roath Lake, it was a glorious day. Training and Mentoring managed to raise over £800 due to the fantastic support. A special mention for three individuals who collected an amazing amount of money: Lewis Pithers, Joanne Quinton and Thomas Merchant.

Well done everyone who joined us!

<p><center>Amy Street<center>

Amy Street

In spring 2014, Amy Street, the cousin of a Vision 21 trainee, raised a fantastic £440 following a break-in at the Oaks to replace stolen items. She gave a brilliant speech at the AGM on how much Vision 21 meant to Lewis, her and their family and wanted to help The Oaks in order to say thank you.

<p><center>Rob Larkins (CE0) & Hilary Holtam</center>

Rob Larkins (CE0) & Hilary Holtam

In June 2015, Hilary Holtam raised £400 for Vision 21 through a fundraising concert she organised, hosted by the Salvation Army in Canton.  This is the start of a fund for a Changing Places toilet facility in Sbectrwm.

<p><center>Gemma Patel</center>

Gemma Patel

In 2013 Gemma Patel and her husband Parag,  jumped out of a plane to raise money for Vision 21. They went from the Swansea Sky dive centre and raised £450 in sponsorship which went towards the TAM students personal recreational development training.

<p><center>Alice Simmons<center>

Alice Simmons

Alice Simmons who worked and volunteered for several years for Vision 21 , has organised successful and fun, team building, Music and Quiz fundraising events to raise money for the TAM project. They have not only raised funds but also provided a lot of fun as well as an opportunity to bring people together in a social context outside normal working hours.

<p><center>Teresa Chard<center>

Teresa Chard

In 2011, Teresa Chard walked the Inca Trail. She used the experience to raise sponsorship money for Vision 21. This coincided with the 100th anniversary of  the discovery of Machu Picchu. Teresa climbed to 4,315 mtrs over the famous ‘dead woman’s pass.’  Teresa reflected that the feeling of having accomplished this trek was amazing and something she would remember for a long time.

In 2013 Teresa then decided to challenge herself again and raise money by climbing to the base camp of Mount Everest.  Which turned out to be the challenge of a life time and called on her to draw on all her reserves.

We have also received donations from supporters who wish to remain anonymous .We would like to acknowledge and thank them for their wonderful contributions.