Help needed for Roots @ Bettws, donate today!

05 Jan Help needed for Roots @ Bettws, donate today!

Just before Christmas our Vision 21 project Roots @ Bettws was sadly a target of an arson attack, read more here.

Lionel Barnes, Roots Instructor has set up a donation page to raise money to get the project back on it’s feet.


Roots @ Bettws is a horticultural project for adults with additional learning needs providing training in growing vegetables, flowers, making hanging baskets and planters as well as working in the gardens of the local community. The students gain many skills from attending the project, not only learning horticultural skills, but working as a team, having a workplace routine and structure, selling produce locally and interacting with local residents whilst carrying out garden maintenance jobs.

The project has existed for 9 years and has seen much improvement and more links created over the last couple of years. The relationship with the local community has gone from strength to strength including other allotment users. the devastation that the arsonist has caused at the project has upset the students very deeply as they love coming to Roots with the knock on effect being felt widely among staff, carers and relatives of the students as well as the volunteers who have given up their time to make Roots the success it has been.

The damage caused by the wanton act of deliberate vandalism will cost many thousands of pounds to put right. Two wooden sheds full of plant pots, fruit netting, gazeebos, weed membrane etc, water butts, wormeries and two portaloos have been burnt to the ground. The metal container pictured was an office, staff room and kitchen for the project. The heat generated by the fire caused this sealed, locked container to burn and melt everything inside. The heat was so great it has buckled the metal of the container making this little more than scrap.

The heat also caused the next container full of garden machinery to melt all the plastic within effectively destroying the hedge cutters, strimmers, mowers, rotivator, wood shredder and all safety equipment. The generator, our only source of electricity, is likewise ruined with the intense heat and the gallons of water needed to put out this deliberately started fire.

Roots and Vision 21 would be very grateful of any actions taken to support the project at this time.