ICT learn about Parliament

25 Jan ICT learn about Parliament

The ICT project enjoyed a returning visit from a representative of the Government, Steve Williams. Steve works in Westminster, his job is to travel the country educating people what Parliament and The Government are all about.

The morning’s session was enjoyable and informative. The trainees watched videos showing parliamentary debates and learned about the Speaker’s job. Later they had their own lively debate with trainee Nigel elected to act as Speaker, he did a fantastic job.
During the session, the trainees also heard about the importance of Executive Committees. They were invited to add their views to a current Executive Committee who are looking at how well the PIP (Personal Independence Payment) and ESA (Employment and Support Allowance) assessments are working.  Which some of the trainees have had experience so will be discussing and passing on their opinions.

A very informative day had for the ICT trainees, keep up the good work!