Fairwater Community Garden

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Would you like to develop your green fingers? 

Fairwater Community Garden runs the length of Sbectrwm, and was transformed from a derelict old school playground. This award winning horticultural project gives Vision 21 trainees the opportunity to learn about growing, and to be involved in the day-to-day running of a Community Garden. Trainees work alongside qualified staff and volunteers caring for this special environment.

Trainees attend from 9am – 3pm.

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(029) 20575837
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Trainees are involved in sowing, growing and preparing plants for sale.  A person centred training plan is developed for each trainee, which includes skills such as:

  • Ground preparation and preparing beds for seed/plant sowing
  • Planting, hoeing, weeding, watering and tending plants
  • Identifying trees and shrubs
  • Identifying common weeds, beneficial insects and pests
  • Cultivating vegetables and plants using sustainable growing principles
  • Making compost
  • Identify, maintain and use garden tools
  • Using petrol powered equipment
  • Maintaining a pond and willow beds
  • Garden furniture maintenance.

The food produced in the garden is grown without using artificial pesticides or fertilizers, to make sure it as healthy to eat as possible. This way of growing food is much kinder to both people and the environment.

Garden Maintenance & Contract Work

The Community Garden carries out garden maintenance and contract work for a number of local parks and community centres. This provides realistic work based training for the trainees.

This can include:

  • Bench and out-door furniture refurbishment
  • Fence and bridge painting

They are always looking for new opportunities for contracts so please contact the project if you are interested.

Garden Features

The approach to the garden is via a beautiful pathway featuring ceramic bees, and other flying insects.  Behind the protective wooden fence is a food growing area combining raised bed features, sensory plants and herbs, beyond which lies the wildlife pond. Further on is a wooden pergola, mosaic seating area, plant stands, greenhouse, polytunnel and outdoor classroom area, interspersed with decorative borders. The garden is wheelchair accessible. Fairwater Pottery have also contributed ceramic signs, mosaic features, pots and totems.  The practical growing areas, raised beds, shrubs and borders, combined with creative features, make it a truly lovely place to visit.

The garden is open to the public during the day so the community can enjoy its features, such as:

  • Fruit trees
  • A wildlife Pond
  • Raised vegetable beds
  • A polytunnel
  • A greenhouse
  • Ceramic features and garden art


Some of our aims:

    • To encourage plants, vegetables, wildlife and the arts to co-habit within a sustainable environment.
    • To encourage people’s appreciation, understanding and enjoyment of the natural environment through education, outreach activities and practical involvement.
    • To train trainees with learning needs in horticulture and related skills.
    • To create an environment that encourages wildlife into an urban area.
    • To provide fairness and equity of opportunity and to ensure that all members of the community are equally valued.
    • That the project be used, and thereby valued, by the local community.


Opening times

The garden is open to the public – Monday to Friday between 9am-4pm.
Vision 21 is a member of the Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens


Contact Info

(029) 20575837

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Fairwater Community Garden, Sbectrwm, Bwlch Road
Fairwater, Cardiff, CF5 3EF

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