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Would you like to learn about working with clay?

Fairwater Pottery is based at Sbectrwm and overlooks Fairwater Community Garden. The day is designed to enable trainees to experience working in a social enterprise environment whilst developing their individual creative and artistic skills.

Trainees attend the Pottery from 9am – 3pm.


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(029) 20575828

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Trainees learn within a supportive and friendly environment and are encouraged to be creative, focus on their work, make friends, make their own decisions, work with others and develop skills for work. They explore interesting themes, carry out research and design work, and build portfolios for themselves and to share with others.

A person-centred training plan is developed for each trainee, which includes skills such as:

  • Hand to eye co-ordination,
  • Manual dexterity
  • Concentration
  • Social skills
  • Confidence
  • Teamwork
  • Numeracy and literacy skills

The further benefits of training at the pottery include improvements in:

  • Construction of clay products for sale
  • 2D design, observational drawing, surface pattern
  • The study of art in a broader context
  • Safe use of relevant tools and machinery
  • Application of coloured slip, stain, underglaze and glaze
  • Quality Control


Trainee Technician Training

The technician training is for trainees who enjoy doing the behind the scenes work in a pottery such as:

  • Packing/ Unpacking kilns
  • Workshop maintenance (which includes cleaning skills)
  • Clay reclamation and recycling
  • Use of Pottery machinery
  • Mixing glazes
  • Purchasing stock and Stock Take
  • Window display

There is a strong emphasis on everyday essential skills and teamwork which is transferable to other work situations.

Trainees will learn within a supportive and friendly environment, and will be encouraged to reach their potential especially with regards to their work ethic, focus, decision making and teamwork skills.

The benefits of entering onto this placement are many and varied, please contact us for any further information.


Work made at Fairwater Pottery

In addition to the trainees own portfolio work, products made in the pottery include:

  • Hand-made tiles and coasters
  • Garden pots and planters
  • Plant sticks & garden decorations
  • Porcelain vases & tea lights
  • Shaped seasonal decorations
  • One-off commissions.

Work produced by Fairwater pottery can be purchased directly from the Pottery or through Vision Made, 91 Albany Road Roath, CF24 3LP.

Contact Info

(029) 20575828

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Fairwater Pottery, Sbectrwm, Bwlch Road
Fairwater, Cardiff, CF5 3EF

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