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I have enjoyed meeting new friends and going to places I haven’t been before.

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What the Life Skills project offers

The Vision 21 Life Skills project is based at Sbectrwm  where it offers individuals with learning needs the opportunity to complete accredited courses to support them to become more independent in life. The project offers a chance to meet and make friends with others, to practice group skills and to participate in team work. Life Skills also aims to identify personal skills and aspirations to complete a personal profile and identify strengths and weaknesses.


Trainees attend Life Skills from 9am-3pm

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 (029) 20569039
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It offers a rolling programme of 12 flexible life skills and social skills modules over a monthly timetable.

The areas are:

  • Fitness Classes
  • Community Participation
  • Cooking Skills
  • Life Skills


Options include:

  • Photography
  • Healthy Living
  • Essential skills
  • Me & Others
  • Team Work
  • Community Awareness
  • Travel Training
  • Independent Living Skills
  • Personal Development
  • Health & Safety
  • Career planning
  • Community participation


Each module is delivered one day a week from 9am to 3pm. Every month each trainee who enrols in the Life Skills programme will cover one fitness session, one cooking session, one life skills module and one community participation session, for each month that includes a fifth week.

The courses are tailored to individuals learning needs and each student is supported to develop their own person centred learning plan.


Progression and credit based learning

Students can progress through the different credit levels starting at pre-entry, progressing through Entry levels 1, 2 and 3 and progressing on to level 1 if appropriate.


All modules have essential numeracy and literacy skills integrated throughout the courses which are introduced in enjoyable and accessible ways.


Before starting a course, a taster day will be offered to see if it suits the trainee’s needs.

Move on

Life Skills supports ‘work ready’ students to move on from Vision 21 into volunteering roles within the community and or paid employment.

Life Skills supporting NEETS & borderline students

The Life Skills project can offer a rolling programme of specialist career planning, personal development and work experience.


Everyone has the right to work. Students with borderline learning needs often need extra help, advice and support to plan their next steps after school, but are often unfairly excluded from financial support to access specialist career planning. It is important for them to find the right training route to suit their needs and enable them to realise their potential.


One of the most important things to do is to find something that interests them. While it may not always be possible to secure their dream job, it’s important to try to match up at least some of their interests and passions with what’s out there. Young people who are not given the opportunity to plan a realistic career path, following on from school, often face considerable difficulties into their adult years, generated by feelings of hopelessness, and can be at risk of developing mental health problems such as depression or anti-social behaviours such as drug and alcohol misuse.


Life Skills can also bring their Specialist Career Planning Programme to your school or deliver to anyone ‘Not in Work, Education or Training’ through small groups sessions at times to suit you. Please contact us on the number below for more details.

Money for Life Challenge

Life Skills trainees designed and created a visual money management board game in order to help adults with learning needs to understand daily life topics such as coin recognition; the cost of living; spending money on essential and non-essential items; budgeting; and saving money, in order for learners to make the right choices and make a difference in their lives.


The board game was created for a competition Money for Life Challenge and Life Skills won the Money for Life Challenge special ‘Judges Award’. £800 was awarded to them, allowing them to go further with making the game. Life Skills were also given the opportunity to work with Lloyds Bank in order to get the game manufactured. They further received a legacy grant of £1000.


Contact Info

(029) 20569039


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