Thank you for all your support from Roots and Vision 21.

09 Jan Thank you for all your support from Roots and Vision 21.

Message from Lionel Barnes, Roots Instructor – “A very big thank you for all the support and donations. The great news is that we managed to reach our target after only 6 days. As a result I have told the students that Roots will be even better this year, and with all your generous support, it will. I have also been asked if there are practical items that people could donate.

Thanks to everyone who has donated and helped in all sorts of ways. The advice from Just Giving was to ask for a realistic amount when seeking donations which I set originally at 1000 pounds. However, the cost of replacing everything we lost is many thousands more than this.

There are a lot of the smaller items that were destroyed that will need replacing such as the basic kitchen items: cutlery, plates, bowls and mugs as well as any gardening equipment. So I have edited the aim of our fundraising and ask if anyone would like to donate please do so to speed up the reinstating of all the facilities to our project.

The photo shows the clearing undertaken by students, volunteers and staff last week filling 3 large skips.

Thank you again, Roots appreciates all the support that has been given.