The Oaks Plant Rare Trees in Roath Park

02 Jun The Oaks Plant Rare Trees in Roath Park

IMG_0667The Oaks Garden Nursery has managed to propagate two rare and unusual trees that have been planted in Roath Park to enhance their collection of rare and unusual specimens.

The Oaks Garden Nursery situated in Allensbank Road, have successfully grown a Japanese Horse Chesnut (Aesculus turbinata) from seed and a Siberian Elm (Ulmus pumila aurea) .  With its large attractive leaves and black ‘conkers,’ the Japanese Horse Chesnut will be a delightful addition to the existing Horse Chestnut collection at Roath Park. Whereas the young Siberian Elm will be the second specimen to be grown in Wales, the only other being in Bute Park.

The nursery worked on the project with the Friends of Roath Park and Cardiff Council Parks Services to achieve the brilliant success.  The trees in question are not readily available in specialist nurseries so it was a welcomed challenge for The Oaks to be able to show off their capabilities and give back to the community.  Vision 21’s CEO, Rob Larkins said, “Vision 21, particularly the Oaks Garden Nursery, have always had outstanding support from Cardiff Park’s Department and the Friends of Roath Park, in raising these 2 rare trees it is great to be giving something back”.

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