V21 Upcycling @ Barry

Would you like to know how to upcycle?

Join our V21 Upcycling @ Barry project and you will learn all about upcycling. You will repair and restore secondhand furniture so it can be reused, turning unwanted furniture into items that can be sold.

You will learn all sorts of skills including woodworking, restoration and other craft techniques. You will help decide what the end product will look like and put those ideas into action.

Together, we will develop a training plan to suit you and you could learn skills such as:
  • Identifying woodworking tools and equipment.
  • Maintaining tools and equipment.
  • Painting, staining and finishing wood and other materials.
  • Restoring furniture.
  • Sanding and preparing wood and other finishes.
  • Upcycling/recycling a range of items and materials.
  • Using hand and power tools.


Trainees attend the V21 Upcycling @ Barry project Tuesday to Thursday from 9:00am – 3:00pm.




V21 Upcycling @ Barry, Hen Goleg, Barry, CF62 8LF


V21 Upcycling @ Barry can renovate and refurbish your furniture. Commissions and donations are welcome, please contact the project for information.