Become a V21 trainee


Do you want to become a trainee at Vision 21 (Cyfle Cymru)?  Take a look at our projects and the kinds of things you could learn and do.

Being a V21 trainee

At V21 we will listen to you and help you to find the right project. We will work with you to develop a training plan.

We will treat you with respect as you develop your skills through real life activities in the training of your choice where you can:


  •  Make friends.
  • Achieve more and become more confident.
  • Be more independent.
  • Be safe and healthy.
  • Communicate your needs and wishes.
  • Cope with change.
  • Develop skills for life and learning.
  • Develop skills for work and employment.
  • Learn to work with others.
  • Make decisions and choices.
  • Realise your potential.

Trainee skills and qualifications

Joining V21 and working as part of a team means that you will see all kinds of benefits, from increased confidence and practical skills to improved communication skills, which come from being motivated and having others rely on you.

As a V21 trainee you will work towards Agored Cymru credit-based learning certificates through the Quality Credit Framework (QCF). You can learn essential skills and qualifications that each industry needs and any work-based training you do is recognised across the UK.

You can go at your own pace in a real work setting and, when you are ready, work towards credits to build up your qualifications 'bit by bit'. 

There are no exams as you are assessed as you do your training through direct observation, discussion and role play.

Trainee health and safety

When you begin as a V21 trainee, you will receive a Health and Safety induction for the projects you attend. You will be shown how to use tools and equipment as well as how to lift and move things safely. Fire safety awareness will also form part of this. Relevant safety equipment is provided at all projects.

If you choose to go to a catering project, you will also receive food hygiene awareness training. If you attend our V21 Technology project, you will be shown how to safely and correctly use computers, the internet and social media. 

Trainee referrals

To apply contact us for a referral form or download here and return it to us via e-mail or post.

Once you have submitted an application form you will be contacted by our Trainee Services Manager to:

  • Discuss your application.
  • Agree who will fund the placement.
  • Let you know about how our training programmes and individual learning plans work.
  • Discuss any health considerations.
  • Discuss Terms and Conditions

To help you make the best choice of project, you can come and meet us for a chat and a project visit. Or take a tour of projects that you are interested in. We can also offer a free taster session in your chosen project to help you to decide if the project is right for you.  Take a look at our projects to see what we have to offer. 

Subject to funding and suitability a placement will then be offered and a start date arranged.

We take referrals from a variety of sources including:

  • schools
  • colleges
  • social workers
  • parents
  • carers
  • Careers Wales

Applicants must be at least 14 years +


Trainees are all given an induction into their chosen project during their first or second week. This is linked to their training schedule and introduces them to project procedures and safe use of tools and machinery.


For more information or to discuss referring a trainee to V21 please contact:

Ed Synan

Trainee Services Manager