Work Placement


Annually, we provide over 90 professional placements for students in college, university and young adults in school. We  also provide work-exchange programmes for overseas students and host under-18’s seeking work experience.

A work placement with us will give you the opportunity to develop relevant skills, knowledge and experience in a relaxed, friendly and supportive environment. The positive outcomes you can expect to achieve include:


  • An insight into the way organisations operate.
  • Awareness of the challenges organisations face.
  • In-company training courses.
  • Clarification of your own career goals.
  • Increased skills and knowledge.
  • Networking opportunities.
  • Understanding a particular job or industry.
  • Vital work experience.
  • A coordinator as a referee for future job applications.

In partnership with the NHS, the University Hospital for Wales and the University of Glamorgan, we offer disability training and placement experience to student nurses, trainee police officers, occupational therapy students, genetic counselling students, as well as those studying social work, health and social care, youth and community, community health and wellbeing, PGCE and Art Therapy.


Interested in finding out more about a V21 placement? Please contact:  

Chris Bowsher

Volunteer and Placements Officer