Buy Social V21 Projects


V21 Sbectrwm Centre is home to a number of Vision 21 projects open to the public to visit or buy items from.  Take a look below.

V21 Projects at V21 Sbectrwm Centre 

V21 Pottery @ Fairwater

Buy a range of ceramic gifts and ornaments from V21 Pottery, located at the far end of the corridor in the centre. Payments made directly to the project.

V21 Crafts @ Fairwater

A selection of hand made cards available to purchase outside V21 Café (pay via an honesty box), or pop into the V21 Crafts project for a further selection of cards, gifts or to request a commission.  Payments made directly to the project.

V21 Social Skills @ Fairwater

V21 Social Skills is a community project who often are fundraising for other voluntry organisations.  Get in touch with the project to see what they are up to this week!

V21 Gardening @ Fairwater

Pop by to our community garden to spend the afternoon in the sun or purchase a varying variety of plants & vegetables grown in the garden. Payments made directly to the project.

V21 Café @ Fairwater

Your local community café open to everyone. Enjoy a wide selection of meals, snacks and refreshments and take seat in wheelchair friendly seating area.

V21 Woodwork @ Barry

Find a range of wooden items, including wishings wells, bird table and creates on a stand half way down the corridor of the centre.  Payments made to V21 Sbectrwm Office.